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Juggling Balls

All kinds of juggling balls can be found here !!

Beanbags, SIL-X, Russian Balls, Contact Balls, Bouncing Balls for beginners or experts, for small hands... Circus Planet offers you a wide range of products to match every jugglers expectations !!

Juggling Balls There are 134 products.


  • Juggling Balls...

    Discover our juggling balls adapted to beginners and small hands.

    Wide range of products to learn easily and afficiently !!

  • Beanbags

    Beanbags bounce a bit and then are perfect to train yourself juggling !!

    Available in differents sizes, they are adapted to small and large hands, for adults or children who wish to discover this circus art !!

  • Soft Balls - SIL-X -...

    Soft juggling balls play an important role in circus universe.

    Indeed, these balls match expectations of most of the jugglers, either they are beginners or experts.

    Solid and soft to the touch, they are perfect to learn juggling because they bounce just a little in hands and their trajectories are stable.

    Moreover, porfessional jugglers value them to play with 5 balls or more because they are light.

  • Stage Balls

    Stage balls are juggling balls with empty plastic shell use during shows for their round shape which allow to give spectacular shows.

    Light and solid, they bounce in hands and roll on the ground.

    Adapted to children and small hands, they are easily washable and will resist to intesive practice.

    Nowadays, confirmed jugglers prefer the SIL-X or SRX ranges.

  • Bouncing Balls

    You are bored of traditional juggling ?

    This category is made for you !!

    Bouncing balls open an unlimited field of possibilities.

    Rubber bouncing balls (Oddballs...) are ideal to learn this discipline.

    Silicone bouncing balls are valued by experts jugglers for the show they give.

  • Contact Acrylic Balls

    Contact juggling is a circus art which can be played following two ways.

    Either with several small size balls (stage balls or SIL-X for instance), either with one bigger ball to insist on the visual aspect.

    Discover all these products on our website !!

  • Juggling Balls...

    Here you can find help and advices to learn juggling, to realize tricks or to progress in different types of juggling.

    For beginners or experts, these educational tools will help you learn easily.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 134 items