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Devilstick practice knows a huge growth.

Either with Flowersticks (more adapted to novices) or Golos (for confirmed jugglers), numerous jugglers from all over the world are trying this funny discipline.

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  • Devilsticks/Golos

    Golos or devilsticks have a conical shape and are more technical to practice than flowersticks.

    Ideal for jugglers looking for performance and speed, you will be surprised by the number of tricks you could make.

  • Flowersticks

    Flowersticks have flower shaped pompoms fixed at their ends.

    These "Flowers" will slow down the stick rotation which will give more time to the jugglers to pass their tricks.

    Flowersticks are adapted to beginners wishing to discover the discipline.

  • Sticks and accessories

    You wish to customize your devilstick or simply replace a part of it?

    You are looking for phosphorescent sticks or a stickier grip?

    Discover all uour accessories in this category.

  • Devilsticks/Flowerstic...

    You wish to learn the devilstick or golos practice or simply progress by discovering news tricks ?

    This selection of guides is made for you !!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 36 items